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‘Profit for purpose’ company REAL Impact today announced the launch of its pilot Business-to-Customer (B2C) e-commerce digital marketplace, Considered by Real at APEC, developed to provide Papua New Guinean micro, small and medium enterprise (MSMEs) access to regional and global markets, and outlined its vision for a Creative Arts Precinct in Port Moresby.


The Considered by Real e-commerce platform offers a new ecosystem for MSME growth that incorporates value-chain creation with global market access that is digitally enabled and powered to create opportunity for PNG’s creative industries.  


The shared service platform being developed by REAL Impact is a key strategy in REAL Impact’s unique and proven value-chain creation process, ensuring that sustainable economic development becomes achievable for Papua New Guinean artisans and SMEs, and that the economic and social benefits flow back into the wider community where it is needed. REAL Impact’s work in PNG is supported by the Australia Government’s InnovationXchange.


ExxonMobil PNG, operator of PNG LNG Project, is supportive of REAL Impact’s vision and the launch of its pilot digital e-commerce platform Considered by Real at APEC with a US$25,000 sponsorship. ExxonMobil PNG shares REAL impact’s values of developing people and capacity, and creating and delivering long-term benefits to local communities for future generations.


Virginia Bruce, CEO and founder of REAL Impact, said, “PNG artisans are proud master craftspeople with skills that date back centuries, including weaving, carving, textiles and basketry. Globally, artisans are major contributors to the world’s high-end fashion, textile and homewares industry, however, sustainable market access has not yet been available to PNG artisans.


Considered by Real will bridge this gap for PNG artisans and SMEs. The Considered by Real platform is a pilot program that importantly has the potential to create real scale, awareness and a single location for businesses and consumers to source Papua New Guinean artisan goods from small-batch artisan producers.


“The key to mobilising SMEs in PNG is developing an ecosystem that disrupts the traditional status quo through innovation and digitisation to create a model that is inclusive. REAL Impact has created a shared service platform that delivers the necessary Minimum Viable Business (MBV) requirements to PNG SMEs, from capacity building through to capital access, marketing, design and now a retail interface, that otherwise would not be possible. With this key services support, the SMEs have the opportunity to succeed and grow as an industry,” added Ms Bruce.


The Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade has been an integral foundation partner for REAL Impact. Dr Chakriya Bowman, Counsellor Economics at the Australian High Commission, Port Moresby, explains the Australian Government in PNG has partnered with REAL Impact to bring the PNG creative industries to a global market “REAL Impact is working with PNG artisans to take Papua New Guinea’s culture to the global US$38billion handicraft market. REAL Impact is creating an economic network that has scale while delivering real value to where it is most needed in rural PNG. It’s a unique initiative, and one we’re proud to be part of.”

Sir Charles Lepani, Director General of APEC Papua New Guinea, supports the work that REAL impact is undertaking and sees it’s potential to deliver a legacy program for Papua New Guinea that is aligned to APEC’s themes of digitisation, innovation, disruption focused on creating an ecosystem for MSME inclusive growth in the Creative Industries, a new area of growth outside the Oil, Gas and Mining sectors. 

“Over the past 12 months the APEC SME Team has worked together to support REAL Impact’s work in introducing a new ecosystem design for MSME growth here in PNG. Specifically targeting the development and acceleration of a new creative industry sector.”


“Working with a range of MSMEs and the rural communities they procure their items from, REAL Impact has also been scoping and lobbying for the development of a permanent Creative Arts Precinct here in Port Moresby as part of the necessary infrastructure for supply chain development,” says Sir Charles.


“REAL Impact’s strategy aligns with APEC’s economic objectives and the work complements the drivers of APEC’s SME Team. As such, we are keen to partner with them to crystalise the work APEC has achieved with SMEs over the past 10 months and cement an SME legacy program by supporting its vision of a Creative Arts Precinct,” adds Sir Charles.


REAL Impact’s Considered by Real e-commerce platform will showcase ethically sourced products, handcrafted using traditional skills and designed for contemporary homes and conscious consumers.


REAL Impact is now looking for partners to develop its vision of a Creative Arts Precinct that can provide an important commercial and logistics hub to showcase and incubate PNG’s creative sector and accelerate SMEs in the heart of its capital city.


Ms Bruce added, “Investment in a creative precinct would create a dynamic centre of innovation and contemporary design, promoting the diverse artisan culture of PNG as well as offering a shopping destination for cultural tourists. It would engage young Papua New Guineans to learn about pathways available for them in this sector. From design, art and fashion to marketing, digital and logistics, it will enable REAL Impact’s Minimal Viable Business ecosystem to open up a world of possibilities.”


REAL Impact’s aim is to develop an independently PNG-managed Creative Arts Precinct that will supply global markets with artisan homewares within three to five years, and provide real opportunities for employment and access.


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